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Reach your fitness goals with custom plans by clinically trained, licensed, and certified exercise physiologists; personal trainers; and registered dietitians and nurses

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Exercise Physiologists

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Personal Trainers

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Registered Dietitians

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Registered Nurses

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"9 out of 10 health problems are preventable, discoverable, and reversible." "every year, #'s of Americans are diagnosed with .
What if you were given your diagnosis years in advance with a plan tailored specifically to help you prevent it?
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Personalized Services

Personal Training

Whether you are training to be the next American Ninja Warrior, are looking to lose baby weight , or simply want to know the "right" way to approach a goal (or workout machine), we're here to help.

If you've ever Googled a celebrity or two's workout routine, you know how the routine varies from one actor to the next. This is because they use routines tailored to help their bodies specifically succeed. They have trainers and specialists telling them exactly what they specifically need to be doing to reach their goals. Now, that same level of specificity is available to you through Your Fitness Solutions. Right now, right here, you can embark on your new fitness journey with confidence in a 100% personalized fitness plan to move you in the direction you want to go.

Nutrition plan

Contrary to an unfortunately popular belief, there is no single "one size fits all" diet plan capable of providing everyone with all of the right nutrients and in all of the right amounts. Taking into account your medical history, known genetics, a brief health assessment, and more, we engineer a nutrition plan to be precisely what your unique body needs today to thrive. An accurate nutrition plan is the first step in achieving an overall healthier, happier you.

exercise plan

Not all exercise routines are created equal. If you don't feel you are seeing the results you are striving for with your current exercise plan, it may not be you that is the problem. We are frequently reviewing and adjusting exercise plans . If you don't know where to start navigating your current challenges, don't stress over it. We're here to listen, analyze, and contribute to your health's success story.

motivation techniques

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No shoes, no gym, no problem

What people are saying...

After losing 200lbs., I finally found myself.
John Doe
Rodeo Clown
Given my medical conditions, I had accepted that there were some fitness goals I would just never be able to reach. Boy was I wrong. The incredibly skilled and knowledgeable people of YFS knew how to help me in a way that no other trainer ever could.
John Doe
Rodeo Clown
I am guilty of falling for nearly every fad diet on the planet at one time or another. Let me tell you, unless your name is Robert Atkins, not one of those mainstream diets was engineered specifically for you, for your health conditions, or your genetics. After a history of over or under compensating for nutrients through these "one size fits all" diets, YFS was able to literally invent a diet plan catering specifically to me and my body's requirements. I've never felt more clean or healthier in my entire life.
John Doe
Rodeo Clown
As a parent working from home, my kids barely recognize me without my sweatpants.
John Doe
Rodeo Clown

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